Let’s get the United Nations in on Iran!

One of the favorite hobbies of the Current (former?) President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was to speak at the United Nations, at the General Assembly meetings.

And he was welcomed with open arms several times in recent years.

Well, let’s see what they have to say about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the recent events in Iran.

Here is a link to the Ambassadors to the United Nations for every country on the Earth.

If the United Nations has any relevance in the real world, they should know how you feel about the events in Iran, and they should reflect your feelings against a man who was so recently their friend. You can call your ambassador, write him, or email him/her. Let them know!

Please translate this into every language, and re-distribute it.

Re-tweet this link, post in social networking sites, we need all the publicity we can get.

The United Nations General Assembly Roster by Country.

A note on the Tor Project:

This is the manner in which our friends in Iran have been communicating out of the country. The concept of Tor, is basically a secure mini-internet inside the internet,  allowing access to otherwise blocked sites. Joining the project takes installation if a bit of software on your computer, allowing the Tor network to use part of your internet connection for communications out of secure countries, like Iran. joining the Tor project increases capacity of the network, and allows more information to flow in and out of Iran. If you set  your computer to stay out of hibernate mode, and leave it on,  and connected to the internet, you are helping our friends in Iran while you sleep. If you turn your computer off, or disconnect from the internet, the system automatically routs around your “node” or “relay”, allowing the system to work without your participation, just a bit slower. Most users will not notice the TOR connection’s use of bandwidth or computer resources on their systems. The Tor network needs our help and resources. Not money, just unused bandwidth and a bit of your computer.

A Tor Bridge is a connection that you supply to the Tor network, allowing someone in Iran to use your connection as the first link in the Tor chain. These are sent into Iran by specific means, by a few individuals, to a few individuals inside Iran. These are not published in a mass manner, this makes your connection worthless, as it can now be easily blocked or monitored by the bad guys in the Government. The need for bridges is constant, as protesters are captured, their internet history is searched, the old bridges are identified and blocked from Iranian access, they are worthless. If you set up a “bridge” there are ways to get the information to those that need it at the anonygreen site below.

There are sources for more information on the Tor project, and how you can help!  Start here:



What Else Can I Do??

Inform Iran Project

Iran Images Project

Out the Basij Thugs Project

Plan, Promote, and Schedule a Rally in your Area!


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